The issue of the environment is influencing our habits as never before and the way we think about manufacturing. With the intention of protecting the environment, manufacturers are trying whenever possible to invent new solutions with low impact. It is a topic that everyone in his own small way can and should consider. So, even a high-quality producer like Costa Nova has brought out two sustainable tableware collections made of Eco-Gres®: Plano and Lagoa Eco Gres. Two high-quality ranges made from recycling the brand’s production surplus.

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Eco-Gres®, a green material

Eco-Gres® is a registered trademark of Grestel that stands for a type of environmentally-friendly clay made from recycled materials that are non-hazardous, and therefore fully guaranteed for international food industry standards. This material is produced by collecting clay waste and treating it with other materials until the final composition is stabilized. Specifically, Eco-Gres® is composed of 90% recycled materials and other substances, while recycled clay accounts for about 25% of the clay purchased from outside suppliers.

With this material, it is therefore possible to commence high-quality tableware productions while, first of all maintaining full compliance with parameters for personal safety. In addition, it leads to more general health and environmental protection, reduces waste otherwise disposed of in landfills, but also significantly lowers carbon footprint, the need for extraction of natural raw materials and the cost of energy used for production.

Costa Nova’s Plano Collection

Plano is the first creation of Costa Nova’s sustainable tableware collections project. With this set, the Portuguese manufacturer takes its environmental values to the next step, offering a low-impact but still particularly functional and aesthetically pleasing product. Strong, clean and carefully designed products to be part of unforgettable moments at the dining table.

In Livellara’s catalog, you can find both the Plano range and the Lagoa Eco Gres collection. Contact us for more information.

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